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22nd Anniversary Trip

Mike planned a great anniversary trip for me 
to DeSoto State Park up in Northeast AL.
He was speaking to me in my love language.  
Taking me out doors to walk along a river is the best.
To top that he threw in some mountains and waterfalls
and a kiss by Queen Anne’s lace.  
We stayed in this really nice little cabin in Mentone, AL 
on top of Lookout Mountain.    
It was fully equipped with everything from a kitchen to a hot tub.  
Hubby and I talked about how it’d be nice to have money to invest 
in a cabin like it, rent it when we could, and go up on long weekends to kayak, ski, golf etc. up in the mountain.  We saw several for sale.
Mike made us some great big stakes on the gas grill.  
It’s been so hot at home that we’ve started thinking twice before using our grill.
We are used to Florida’s milder weather.
It was a little cooler, much more bearable up in the mountains.  
Water falls were easy to find a long Little River.
The park was really nice.  It’s nestled in the mountains between a couple of little towns.  To get from one town to the other you have to drive through the park, so there was no entrance fee.  I like free.
I don’t know what it is about big rocks that are so impressive.  
Mike gave me some cool, new jewelry that matched my top perfectly.  
It’s not in this picture.. I got it later that day.
It’s my new favorite color.  
Blue has been my favorite color since I can remember.  
A few of years ago I discovered purple.  
Now I am into this steely aqua color.  
I’ve decided that I like changing my favorite color from time to time.  
I still love sky blue and lavender.  
I think my favorite, favorite color is a mixture of the two, periwinkle.
This rock was so cool that they built the road around it.  
Once the morning started warming up, we decided to head down the 
mountain to Fort Payne to find some air conditioning. 
We stumbled across a big homecoming celebration for Alabama.  
It took us a while to figure out that they meant 
the country western band “Alabama”.  
Turns out that they are from there originally.  
For a little town of 12,ooo that’s a big deal.  
We had chicken fried steak at the Santa Fe Cattle Co.  
The food was good and we got ice water to go.
Our next stop was the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  
It’s a in a little town called Scottsboro on the Tennessee River.  Seeing all the stuff people had lost on planes was interesting.  They had a Kirby vacuum cleaner just like mine that’s a steal at $300, 
but most of the stuff wasn’t that great a deal for used stuff especially considering that they got the stuff for free.  I guess that’s the law of supply and demand at work for you.  
I found a Message Remix Bible for $10.  I was thrilled.  It’s practically new and I’ve been wanting one for months.  Mike found some sun glasses and we also picked up some DVD’s; Felix the Cat, Home Alone, The Grinch, Skillet Worship and a few others.  Most of them were around $4.  A deal but non-returnable.. so we’ll see how well they play.  
I wanted the Felix the Cat DVD because the kids have from time to time asked me what I did when I was a kid.. basically my answer is.. I watched TV and they have no idea what I am talking about when I tell them how I had a cat that looked just like Felix the Cat that I made watch the show with me everyday.  
 The kids survived the weekend.. new responsibility of driving and all.  
We’ve got a busy week a head.  Our creation scientist got his acceptance letter from AUM this weekend and has a lot to do before school starts. 
Thanks for your prayers..


  1. Elayne

    Enjoyed your photos…they are great. Looks like a lovely trip. Congratulations..hope the next 22 years are just lovely!

  2. Camezi

    Glad to hear that #1 got into the school he wanted.

  3. Wendy

    Congrat’s sci!! Loved your picture of the bridge/path. Who takes a vaccuum on an airplane – and then forgets it?

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