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Puzzle Pieces

I read where someone said that moving is like having all the puzzle pieces of your life dumped out and you have to put it all back together.

Having moved to a smaller house a bunch of my puzzle pieces have been going to the dump and Good Will.  About 10 car loads to each.

So far I haven’t regretted letting go of stuff.. it’s only been a couple of months, though.  Less clutter has been nice and having to put all the puzzle pieces back together has given me the chance to look at what I really do need or love.   I am a little concerned that there’s a day coming when I’ll spend ALL day looking for something only to remember days later that I took it to Good Will.

I am finally to the last hardest pieces: finding a place for those things I don’t need often but I wasn’t ready to see go and decorating.. the icing on the cake.  Mom and Dad have been helping me by ordering some large prints of Dad’s beautiful nature photos.   Some of my old art work just didn’t work in this house.  THANKS so much!  I’ll post pictures of them later..

I had some frames that I had put plain Bible verses in before and a bunch of pictures of the kids that I wanted to find a creative way to display.. so ta-da I decided to try to put them together in digital scrapbooking. Here are my first tries using Adobe and some free papers on line.


  1. Camezi

    Those are some old pictures, huh? I like how you put the verses on them. That’s really neat. I nearly had a cow a couple of days ago when I realized Josh is 20! Our piano teacher/friend is 21. I got married at 20. Yikes. Still freaking out.

  2. Elayne

    Wow! I am impressed! Very nice work!

  3. Wendy

    Great Job! Love it!

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