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Easter Weekend

 Weekend Mike, our computer programer, princess J and I made our first trip to Six Flags over Georgia for their Christian Concert Weekend.  We had a really good time.  At first we thought that the Six Flags was really small.  It was hilly and we made the loop in only an hour or two.  Then we went down one of the side paths and found two more whole sections.  After living in a very flat state I am really enjoying living where I can see so many hills and pine trees.  We got a great work out and the weather was beautiful.

Our favorite ride by far was THE GOLIATH.  

It’s huge.  It’s smooth.  It takes you out of the park over 8 and a half acres up more than 20 stories, drops you over and over again at about 70 miles an hour, twists and turns, and brings you back again.

The wildest ride that we road was Superman: the Ultimate Flight.  Once everyone is secure in their seat it tilts you until you are laying on your stomach held up only by your super seatbelt and flies you through loops, curves and spirals taking dives so close to the ground that you can almost touch it as you fly by.

Here we are walking down to the concert stage.  I am in the hat and pullover hoodie (I haven’t adjusted to the cooler weather yet).  Our computer programmer is behind me, Princess J is holding my hand and Mike is next to her.

Here is a better picture of our computer programmer.  I am still in front and you can see a bit of Princess J beside me.  

We found great seats.  The atmosphere was really peaceful.  I think everyone was exhausted from a day of walking up and down the hills to the various rides.  My favorite singers were Britt Nicole who seemed to have a strong anointing on her life to reach young women, and Jimmy Needham and his wife who played violin.
Our programer’s favorite was KJ-52 of course.
Mike’s favorite was Kutless.  It was our first time to see them in concert.  They were awesome.  Princess J’s favorite was Thousand Foot Krutch.  They were pretty wild and we enjoyed dancing down front with them.  Their slogan is “The Flame in All of Us” and I was impressed by the lead singer’s hair which was bleached to match their flame logo.

Here are some pictures of Princess J and I in our Easter outfits.  Don’t ask me why my mathematician’s photo is sideways.  Easter morning church service was great.  The worship team played a new song and the sermon rejoiced in Jesus’ victory over death.  


  1. Camezi

    sounds like y’all had a lot of fun. I like the princess’s hair. I like #3’s hair, too. I’ve been having trouble with M’s. He doesn’t comb it enough for long hair.

  2. Wendy

    Thanks for the update. I’m glad you are getting to have some fun.

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