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Memorial Day Weekend

Mike’s parents flew over to visit us for Memorial Day Weekend.  We had a nice visit.  We are always happy to see familiar faces.  
Most of our visits with Nancy and Mitch we spend playing Hand and Foot (a card game similar to Canasta) and Trains with dominos.  We tried a bunch of different combinations of teams.  Princess J and my Mathematician were unbeatable at Hand and Foot together.  They “poned” (a computer game term the kids use that means “put to shame”) the adults.  We split them up after that and the game was much more even for some of us.
We discovered that Memorial Day Weekend is Montgomery’s biggest holiday weekend.  I think the schools are always out for the summer by that weekend and they have this big Jubilee City Fest.  People come from all over for the weekend.  They have country western stars and rock stars, a craft fair and stuff for the kids.  We went to the free Symphony Concert on the Capital lawn.  Everyone brings a picnic.  The weather was perfect and we had a nice time.  
Mayor Bobby Bright opening Memorial Day Ceremonies.  A really good guy we first heard speak at The Call.  
Singing the Star Spangled Banner.  The front of the capital is lined with the flags from the 50 states.  I am sorry to admit that the only one I recognized was the Texas flag.. we do have the best, most recognizable flag.  I now know that the AL flag is the white flag with a red X in the middle.  The red X is St. Andrews cross and is modeled after the Confederate Flag.  We visited the AL Department of Archives and History Wednesday and learned a lot.  More on that later.
Symphony at sunset.
The theme for the Symphony this year was Movies Under the Stars.  They played music from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rocky, The Wizard of OZ and many others.  It was fun.
On Saturday evening just the adults went to dinner at Mike’s new favorite BBQ place, Jim and Nicks, and later to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to see The Count of Monte Cristo.  We had a very nice time.  The Shakespeare Theater is located in Blount Cultural Park where they also have an art museum that we visited when my parents were here.   The Shakespeare Festival one of the biggest tourist attractions here.  It’s the seventh largest Shakespeare Festival in the world.  
We were sad to see Nanna and Mitch leave, but are looking forward to the activities we have planned for the next few months.  


  1. Camezi

    It’s cool the fun you can have when you actually plan something. I guess I’m still expecting someone to plan something for me. I guess I just need to plan it myself.

  2. Elayne

    Enjoyed hearing about your visit! Nice Pictures!

  3. Jennifer Coleman

    Mike plans most of the things we do. I just go along for the ride. It’s nice being married to a planner.


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