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Afternoon Drive to GA

We’ve made quite a few trips to GA since moving here.

It’s nice to be able to explore and visit new places.

It’s just the four of us so we took Mike’s car.  It’s really nice.

Isn’t she cute?

This is the hat I always wear out doors.  I love it because it folds up and fit’s in my purse.

Mike got XM radio for his birthday.  It’s nice not having to worry about loosing stations between towns.  They play some really old Christian songs on The Message radio station mixed in with new ones.  It’s funny hearing Phil Keaggy and others again.  
This is pretty much what the view looks like all around AL and GA.  It’s beautiful.  Reminds me of the TX hill country.

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  1. Elayne

    I agree. Dad and I would never have made it back from Talledga Country if we’d had our own wheels!

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