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Back to School Christian Concert Night @ Six Flags

Six Flags was packed.  We chose only one ride, Thunder River.  
It was cooler out than it had been, but after an hour waiting in line I started suffering from heat stroke.  I got dizzy, sick, saw bright white lights and all but passed out.  Mike got me to sit down.  I felt a little better.  All I could think was “How am I going to get out of here?”  The line moved up across a bridge and finally to a portion of the fence that I felt like I could climb over. 
I missed the cool water of Thunder River but gulped down two water bottles in no time.

After dinner in the car we got to see Stellar Cart.

We had pretty good seats.

Barlow Girl was great.  They have a heart for modesty, purity, and waiting for the one God has for them.  No recreational dating.  I think that’s wise.  Less temptation and heart breaks.

Pillar was Mike’s favorite.  He had fun playing with our new camera.

Wild hair.

I sat down for a minute so you could see Princess J.

Our camera has “Night Vision.”

Pillar’s new song, “For the Love of the Game,” plays before Nascar Races and the Football Games.  
It’s about enjoying life to the fullest where God has you.

I am glad none of my kids have hair like this but wouldn’t mind if it was to help them to reach more for Christ.

The drummer.  We were surprised at how well the pictures turned out for how far away we were and it getting dark and all.


  1. Elayne

    great photos!

  2. Camezi

    That’s cool how you got that guitarist’s hair in motion. I bet that band would like a copy. 🙂

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