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Defining Unpacking

I have a garage full of boxes and I didn’t unpack a thing the last two days.  Crazy.  Right?
I built Josh and Joel’s beds when we moved to Montgomery because I was tired of the store bought ones breaking.   After one of their bigger friends decided to jump on top of them on Joel’s bed, I had to improve my design.  How many twin sized beds do you know of that are designed to hold 500 lbs plus force?  I live by the adage “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” so I never redid Josh’s bed.  It didn’t survive the move, so I had to make a trip to the hardware store, get out the drill, and spend most of Monday fixing it.
Joel found a great way to arrange their room.  It’s the smallest room that they have ever had to share, so we weren’t sure that all their stuff would fit.  They had to relinquish their red chair to Judi, but now it looks like a regular room.. not too crowed.
The only other things I did on Monday were write Christmas cards, rearrange the video cabinet Judi and Joel unpacked and my pots and pans.  None of it shows since they were all in cabinets before.  :-}
Yesterday, I planed out what curtain rods to buy, how to use the ones I already have, and went to buy them.  I remembered my coupon and everything.
Then Josh called… he locked his keys in his car so I had to unpack a part of my suitcase to find his key and go rescue him.  Since we were already on that side of town, Judi and I went to Costco and got a few things including some of those fancy fuzzy hangers for her.  We had to look all over the store to find them.  I bought her some earlier this year and she decided she needed more.  They come in packs of 50 so I asked her “Don’t you think 50 clothing items is enough?”  She said, “No.”  If you need some, they are around $15 at Costco.
It took me all afternoon to hang up curtains in just my and Judi’s rooms.  At first, I hung the brackets upside down in my room.  Didn’t realize it until I was hanging the same brackets in Judi’s, so I had to totally redo mine.  🙂  It’s a pain because they are designed so that you have to remove the finial to take out the rod before you can flip it all over.  I am glad I discovered my mistake though, because my curtains were dragging the floor when they were hung the wrong way.  I thought I had measured them so they just touched the floor.  When I flipped the bracket, they hung just right.
I did accomplish one other thing yesterday.  I bought a cuddler recliner over the phone.  Mike decided that he wanted to get a cuddler recliner to share with me.  He says our couch is uncomfortable.  We’ve been looking all over for weeks for a recliner that will look good with our couch.  Our couch has very straight modern lines most recliners are big and pouffy, not to mention the whole color and type of leather thing.
We finally found one that we thought would work on sale on line at Macy’s.  The only thing was that when we were finally in the house and ready to buy it, Mike called and found out that they don’t ship to our area.  There are no Macy’s in our area and they ‘don’t ship to the stores either’ and the data base we looked in said there were no stores within 300 miles that carried the one we wanted.
So yesterday, I called prepared with several friend’s zip codes; one in Birmingham, one in Montgomery, and one in GA.  The one in Birmingham was a winner.. but then she checked and they were all out.  It had been discontinued.  She looked to see if there was a floor model somewhere ‘near by’ and there was one in Birmingham.
I got the number to the store and they actually had one and it was even cheeper than the on line sale price (I hope it’s the right one).  She said she couldn’t hold it until the weekend for us.. so I bought it over the phone.  Yay!  We get to make a trip to Jim and Nick’s Barbeque and pick up our cuddler recliner this weekend.  Won’t be unpacking that day either.  😀
Judi decorated the Christmas tree for me yesterday afternoon to make it look a little more like we had unpacked.  Today, I need to put the angel on the top of the tree, take Judi to  gymnastics and grocery shopping.  I have curtains rods to hang in 5 more rooms, I only have curtains for 2 of those rooms, so one of these days I’ll probably have to make some curtains.  Have you seen how expensive and cheaply made curtains are these days?
Maybe I’ll unpack some boxes on Thursday.


  1. Jennifer Coleman

    I remembered one other thing I did yesterday; worked on arranging James' room. He measured each piece of furniture in his room and drew up a floor plan on his computer. I designed it one way, he another. Neither of us liked each other's design. So Joel to the rescue! James used Joel plan reluctantly. It may be James' room, but it's my house. If I didn't have to go in his room 10 times a day to tell him stuff, I wouldn't care so much. I know it's all my fault.. I trained him that way.

  2. Wendy

    ahhh! No hurries!

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