This week I rearranged my plastic containers two more times.
I usually have one cabinet that holds all my plastic, but this time I didn’t have one that big.  I am pretty sure I have more cabinet space than before it’s just more spread out.
I think they have finally found their home because I love having the lids so easily accessible and organized in the drawer.  I brought all the kids in and showed them my wonderful accomplishment one by one.  Partly because I was so proud and partly because I knew soon enough they’d be asking me where it all went this time.
I stowed all my party plastic and paper goods under my island cabinet.
I thought that keeping them there would make them easy to get out and put on the island for guest.  Want to come visit and try it out?
These are my mixing bowels and towels.  They are between the oven and sink for easy reach when baking.  I spent a couple of hours on line this week trying to find some kitchen towels that actually dry things.  The ones I bought at Costco 3 years ago are driving me crazy because they push around more water than they absorb.  My sister, Courtney, says she uses cloth diapers.  I may be buying some this week.
I unpacked my kitchen rugs.  I bought these to help sell our house in Montgomery.  Joel says they don’t match this kitchen.
Mike helped me organized our office center.  It’s not real pretty.. but it’s organized and easy to access.  I can watch Joseph Prince pod cast while I work in the kitchen.  And I can see the lake from there.  đź™‚
I worked a whole day hanging these curtains.  Curtains are so much harder than they look.  I couldn’t get one of the screws to go in all the way.  I am planning to iron the package creases out while they are hanging.
See our new discounted, discontinued chair from Macy’s that I bought over the phone last week?  Mike loves it and says he’s never going to sit anywhere else.  I am glad he’s happy because I picked it out.
Our whole neighborhood in Montgomery hung up Christmas wreaths every year.  The house there came with ready with nails to hang the wreaths, so Mike and I found some wreaths 75% off after Christmas our first year there.  We only got to use them the one Christmas before we moved.
Here I was baffled at how to hang up our wreaths.  There was no place to put a nail.  Then I noticed that a neighbor used suction cups.  I went to Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart before finding them at Michael’s.
I’ve been to the store way too many times this week.  I finally broke down and bought my 7th set of curtain rings because I couldn’t find any of my other sets and I was tired of the kids taking showers in my bathroom.  If we move again, remind me to pack a set or two with my suit case.  Ok?
I worked on my closet, too.  We put everything from the apartment in our closets the night before the movers came so it wouldn’t get lost.

So I had to move all that stuff out first.  Then I had to donate a large garbage bag of clothes because not only is this the smallest closet I think I’ve ever had but also I have no coat closet.
It’s built in the corner of the bathroom.  If it was 3″ deeper I could open the door all the way.
See how the clothes stick out too far?
I hung my short sleeve shirts behind the door.  I’ll switch them out with my sweaters in the summer.
I made this rug for my bathroom in Montgomery.  It covered most my bathroom floor.
This is my bathroom floor now.
To be fair.  My vanity in Montgomery was in the carpeted part of my bedroom.
I found a place for my linens.
I got creative with where to store these extra large bedspreads that Mamalene crocheted.
I actually have 3 of them.  One I use on my bed to keep warm.  Hope that I remember where I put the other two when that one gets ratty.
When Mike and I were putting together my bed we discovered that we could raise the bed up higher.  I was so happy because it’s always been about an inch too low to store anything under it.  Only problem is that now my head board and foot boards are floating.
I had some extra finials left over from my curtain rods and I used them as pretty little feet.
James helped me raise the bed so I could get my drill under the feet to make a hole for the finial feet.  Lovely.