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My New Kinnor

I am the proud new owner of a 12 string kinnor.
A harp maker in Austral made it for me.
I picked it out especially because a little over a year ago I had a dream where
an older, mentor type lady brought one to me.  I had no idea what kind of
instrument it was at the time so I drew a picture of it.
A year later I found this one on line.   None else makes one quite like it.
It’s my birthday, Christmas and everything else present all wrapped into one.
I am very excited.  I am hoping that like in the dream
 this will be the one instrument that I can learn to play.
It’s very hard to be musically challenged in a family of musicians.
I love to worship.  I love to sing loud.. even when I am out of tune.
A loud church sound system is a must.
I can jump but not dance.  Sometimes, clapping on beat is a challenge.
I’ve never had anyone tell me that I am bad at waving flags,
so I wave them as often as possible.
I am very excited to have a room in our new house that’s big enough
 to worship with flags.  In the past, I’d take them outside occasionally.
When the kids were younger, I spent every evening practicing the guitar
while they were getting ready for bed.  I learned how to play 10 or so cords
just to discover that I am not coordinated enough
to strum and play the cords at the same time.
If I practice a hymn for several days on the piano, I can play it so-so,
but that can be loud and annoying for everyone to hear the same song day after day.
I know how it feels to be on the other side of things and think, “anyone can do ___ if
they just try or give it some time.”  Hope springs eternal.  
I learned that harps are “diatonic” like the Do, Ra, Me scale,
 so no matter what note you play it harmonizes.
I got a chromatic tuner too, so I can tune it.
Here is Mike teaching me how to tune it.
I’ll have to tune it everyday for a while.. new strings and all.

Pray for me not to give up.
Maybe one day I’ll take it to hospitals
and play and pray for the sick and see them recover.


  1. Wendy

    So how are you going to learn to play it? Utube?

  2. Elayne

    It's lovely. Hope you enjoy it.

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