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It’s taken me a while to adjust to the weather here.
After five years in SA and four and a half in FL, my blood is pretty well thinned out.
I actually enjoy 90 plus degree weather especially when it’s humid.  
I won’t complain about the snow.  I love sitting next to the fire.
When we told the kids on Saturday that they were predicting 
more snow this week they replied, “Again?!?”  
I think we are getting all the snow this winter 
that we’ve missed over the last nine years.
We’ve lost count.
The ice and I had a run in our first day in the new house.. 
I came away with a scraped knee,
and quickly learned to avoid the sidewalks.
I’d just hide inside all day, but we have a dog.
This is the first house that we’ve had no fence at all 
and I’ve had to take take a “walking Sally” shift.  
Part of the reason I agreed to adopt a dog was to force myself to take daily walks.
Now, nine years latter, I am finally having to do more than open the back door.
I am being super nice, too, by taking the 7AM shift so the kiddies can sleep in a little.
Meaning that I usually get the coldest shift, too.  
It’s taken me a while to discover what I need to keep warm on my shift.
Until a week ago, when I finally started wearing two pairs of gloves,
 my hands were still freezing. 
I started out wearing a coat and gloves over my regular clothes.  
Some days I wasn’t sure I’d make it all the way around the block.  
It was so cold!
Then I started wearing a hoodie, and Wendy’s leather coat.  
That was better, but the wind was whistling through my pants and around my ears.
I decided to buy some of those valour pants.  
Once I doubled those up and knitted myself a scarf 
to wear with my hat over my hoodie I was finally on my way to being warm.
The weather warmed up from 14 degrees to 24 and I saw for the first
time a neighbor while out on my walk.  
You’ll never guess what THEY were wearing:
 workout pants and t-shirt.
I tried to console myself a couple weeks later when 
I saw a pair ladies out walking dressed more like me.  
They are probably not much more than 20 years older than me.  
I not sure how much further they walk than I do.  
I plan to start walking 45 minutes a day instead of 25 – 
once the weather warms up a bit.
On days like today, when it’s 36 and snowing, 
it doesn’t seem like I am as over dressed as it does 
when it’s 24 and sunny.  How is that?
Here is the kicker – to make sure I keep up my walking routine through
the snow, rain and sleet – we are adopting a puppy this summer.
I have a friend that’s offered to give me one of her mini beagle puppies.
I had to make a deal with Mike to get him to agree.  
He gets a kitten.
So much more fun than a treadmill.

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    great Pics!

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