I took our bunny to be put to sleep today.  She’s had breast cancer for sometime now and the last couple of days she all but quit eating.  With the trips we have planned, I didn’t want to leave her home and be worrying about her or keep dreading the upcoming duty.

Judi volunteered to come with me.  We didn’t attempt to stay with her during the procedure… I sobbed when I had to take our cat, Whiskers, in several years ago.  
Back in the car, the minute I was about to start crying, Judi brought up a cheerful subject.  She is really good at guiding difficult conversations… if someone is about to get in an heated argument or something, she knows how to smooth things over and redirect the conversation.
The two of us had a mini wake by going to DQ and buying our favorite treat; Moolattes.  I felt really peaceful about it all.. like we were dong the right thing and the right time.. and as Joel said.. God gave me grace.  
The empty space where her cage belongs is a little sad, but I am glad for the 10 years we had with her.

I spent the rest of the day crafting .. such a mood lifter.. next blog entry..