I actually enjoy not having power for the most part.  The kids come out of their rooms and are so entertaining.  Much like camping, it’s the only time I get to see all of them at the same time.  We have lots of experience with power failures: 4 hurricanes in FL and our house in Montgomery lost power in every storm.

When the rain let up, we hunted down our patio furniture, picked up the bigger pieces of our glass table out of our neighbor’s yard, talked to several neighbors in the street and called to check on friends that live near by.  James called to say he was coming home early.  It was quite a challenge to find a road without a downed tree or power line to our house.

We moved Josh’s car into the garage, found all the candles and flash lights.  Luckily we had D batteries for my Granddad’s old radio and were able to listen to the news, hang out, and watch the skies for more tornadoes. 

As the day went on and we heard more news about all of Huntsville being without power, we got a little concerned about how we were going to eat.. we only had enough propane to cook 4 hamburgers that night.  Joel and Judi hadn’t done as much of the work preparing for dinner as the rest of us, so we made them share the 4th burger.  Ha.  We had hot dogs and other things, so they didn’t go hungry.

Between storms Josh, Joel and Judi went out to look for internet.  They didn’t believe that all the businesses could really be with out power and Josh had a final exam that he needed to download by e-mail.  I told them to be home before dark.  I wished later I had told them to buy some propane while they were out. 

They came home, we lit candles and were relieved to hear that the warnings would expire at 9:30 PM.  As the sun was sitting we saw a couple of tornadoes on the horizon and one just north of us that turned the sky dark and green.  We decided after a while to watch a DVD on Mike’s lap top before going to bed.  We ALL agreed not to watch “Twister.”  We had seen enough for one day.

Pictures coming up.