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Busy Week with Mitch and Nana

I decorated for fall for the first time.  
I think I am normally just too busy with school this time of year.  
 I bought these flowers last December at 80% off with 
the intention of making a wreath.  At least I got them out.. 
and I made the pumpkins from scratch with some found wood.
Back in in 2003, after we’d just moved to Florida, I ended up with 
second degree burns on my right arm after opening this pressure 
cooker while it was under pressure.  I was tired, wasn’t thinking clearly, 
and couldn’t find directions on how long I should cook the fresh 
corn on the cob I had just bought from the vegetable stand.
 We decided to make chili for Mike’s parents one night last week, 
and I took some time to look up the best way to cook dried pinto beans, 
because ever since I started making my chili in the crock pot 
my beans had been coming out crunchy – yuck!
I found the national bean council’s suggested method for 
“gas free” soaking:  Wash, cover with water, boil 3 minutes,
 cover, set aside over night, rinse, cook.

Then I stumbled upon a you-tube video on pressure cooking beans,
and decided to conquer my fear and try it out.  It worked great!  
Just 12 min. under pressure and they were done.  
Way better than 2 hrs. simmering on the stove. 
Can’t wait to try out some more recipes. 
While the chili was simmering in the crock pot, we got to go 
to an open house at Mike’s work.. first one they’ve had one in years.
All the kids had off work and Mitch and Nana had just happened to plan 
their visit at the right time.  It was great to learn about what all his office does.
We’d planned to pick up our favorite BBQ another night..
only to discover that Chuck Wagon was closed because they had a booth
at the 45th Annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention.
How fun.  We had no idea what we’d been missing all these years.
Gatherings of fiddlers playing blue grass while dancing.. gospel singing.  
Banjo, dulcimer, dobro, harmonica.. all ages.. competing for the title of
 Tennessee Valley Fiddle Champion.  Food, arts and crafts, perfect weather.. 
Can’t wait to go again next year.
Saturday we went up to Fort Payne to show Nana Little River Canyon Falls.
 The weather was perfect all week.
 And Fall was really starting to show it’s colors.
 We took the scenic drive.
 Saw some hawks.
 Had a really good time.
 Got a few pictures.. but the sun wasn’t especially corporative.
 Sunday afternoon we had a partly cloudy day 
and decided to try for a family picture.
 Took a ton of pictures.. this was the last one.. somehow the last one 
usually turns out to be the best one.. glad we took “one more”.
Our eyes are a little squinty.. but it’s better than last year.. we never got one.
It was great seeing Mitch and Nana.  Judi won every game she played..
didn’t matter who her partner was.  The boys had a couple of days
off work and it was great to get in some family time.

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  1. Elayne

    Love your fall decor…esp the square pumpkins. You all were blessed with lots of happy accidents for the week. It is great to see the colors at the falls!

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