Saturday’s forecast was pouring rain, but
 God answered our prayers and after a short rain delay 
Mike spent the day at the Cardinals game with his friend Russ
and James and I spent the day with my friend, 
Ranae and her youngest, Caleb.

While waiting out the rain, we went to 
Ranae’s favorite store: the Goodwill Outlet Store..
where they bring out carts and carts of stuff and sell it by the pound.
I bought 2 tops, a jacket, a skirt, a pair of shoes and shorts for just over $4.
After Chinese for lunch, the rain cleared up and 
we had a beautiful day at the St. Louis Zoo.
Ranae, James and Caleb 
It took me 6 tries to get this picture of this Okapi with his tongue out.
It actually stretches out even farther than this photo shows.
 They had coolest penguin exhibit.
Cool.. as in a nice break from the heat and
cool because they weren’t hidden behind foggy glass.
Loved the bears and the beautiful day 
God gave us at the Zoo and ball game.