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Beauty for Ashes

I have a rose bush!  I need lessons in caring for it. 🙂

For Mother’s Day this week God took my ashes and gave me a new poem.  He inspires me, puts words and a melody in my heart.  I love all the ways that He expresses His love toward me but I especially enjoy the poems because with them I can shout out His praises.  Here is this weeks poem..

Beauty for Ashes
Our God is good,
So loving and kind;
I can’t believe 
I am His and He is mine.
Precious Shepherd
Ahh, Benevolent King
He feeds my soul with wonders.
Let His praises ring.
He is a spring of life
To those who believe.
Burdens lifted 
We’re set free to receive.
When the pressures 
Come crashing in,
Keep a steady pace;
Eyes quietly focused on His face.
He gives rest to the weary,
Forgiveness for sin,
Strength to the weak and
Beauty for the ashes within.


  1. Camezi

    Fertilize, water and trim. I haven’t killed mine, yet, and I have a black thumb if anyone ever did.

  2. Elayne

    Love the poem…I see another scrapbook page coming on!

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