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My Camera

See the shadow around the top edges?  The lens snapped out of place.

If I bang it around a little, this is as centered as I can get it.
I hid the screwdrivers from Mike and my Computer Programmer.  They both couldn’t wait to get at it.  That brings up another hard thing about moving so often.. you never get to know where the honest local camera shop, or car shop, or plumber, pool guy, etc. is.  
Picture taking and I are not getting along too well.  I forget to bring my camera.  I forget to get it out.  I am not patient enough or have enough room in my brain to learn how to use the camera properly.  I am shy.  I don’t like to get in people’s faces, so I don’t take the time to get a good picture..  Then my kids are always ducking out of and running away from the camera.  I leave the camera at a friend’s house.  I drop and break the camera. 
Blogging has motivated me to battle the dragon and take more pictures.  Thanks for getting me into it.  

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  1. Camezi

    I am shy about asking people if I can take their picture outside of my family. I don’t like to intrude. Same thing for asking them questions about their life. I don’t want to pry.

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