Through Every Season

Youth Small Group

 We decided to start light and do a Super Man Bible study.

Mike and our youth pastor, Jon.  I forgot to get a picture of his lovely wife, Jennifer.

Two of their three kids.

Fun in the pool.

Safety in a floaty.

Or maybe not so safe.

Making waves.

Watch out!

Got ya.


  1. Camezi

    I didn’t realize y’all got a pool again.

  2. Camezi

    If things continue as they are at our house, we will probably end up with a youth group at our house. The neighbor boys are always over here. It will only be 3-4 years until they are teens.

  3. Wendy

    I’m trying to find some recent pictures of your kids so I can start teaching Z all their names. Do you have any more that don’t have extra “strangers” in them? I don’t want to confuse him. “I don’t know who that is. It’s their friends.” I got a few off your blog.

  4. Jennifer Coleman

    It’s always been our goal to have the kids at our house so we can be an influence in their lives.

    We weren’t going for a pool this time. It just worked out that the right house had one. I am glad though. I like having a pool.

  5. Jennifer Coleman

    I’ll try to post more pictures of the kids. Any special way you want them?


  6. Elayne

    I’ve not seen those superman things…what are they like?

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