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The Death of a Camera

Shortly after the last post about my camera, it gave up the ghost.  I pulled the screwdrivers out of hiding and gave it to Mike to see if he could work a miracle.  He was unable to get the problem area open.  When my programmer found out about the operation, he was perplexed at why we hadn’t invited him to use his masterful skills.  It’s been sitting on his desk in pieces for a couple of weeks now.  Maybe I should have tried e-bay before breaking out the screwdrivers.

After much research my sweet husband picked out this new camera for me.  Happy Birthday to me.  It’s pretty cool.  I included a review in the link above.  It’s a Sony Cyber Shot H50.  My friend in Birmingham bought one recently and really likes it.  It has some pretty cool features and seems pretty easy to use.  My two favorite features so far are that you can set it to take many shots in a row and you can set it to wait for the person to smile before it shoots.  It’s bigger than my old camera (defiantly not pocket sized) but takes better pictures so far.  



  1. Wendy

    You’ll be so glad you have a new camera next week.

  2. Elayne

    that should be a great camera.

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