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Solitary Confinement

Working in a little bathroom 6 days a week for the last month started to feel like solitary confinement.  
I started looking pretty ragged, too.

I missed learning with the kids in school.  I missed talking to people.  I missed enjoying my nice little clean house which wasn’t clean any longer.    

  I was very thankful for my wet saw.  
After a couple of weeks of thinking, “I’ll finish by the end of this week.”  I finally got my ipod out and sung my heart out while tiling.    

One cool thing about doing your own remodeling is uncovering the history of your house.  I found this wallpaper in one of the moldy walls.    

I loved tiling the floor.  It went faster than anything else.  

This fan was my most valuable tool for survival.

Mike was able to help me get started on the tile one Saturday.
I learned this cool trick on YouTube on how to measure the cuts you need for the edges of the room.  I cut this piece of card board to the size I needed and used it like the YouTube video tool linked above.  
One of the very last things that we had to do was put in the new bath tub fixtures.  Mike started working on it one night after work.  Once we got it partially together, we discovered that we had no cold water.  It looked like we were going to have to tear out the tile to turn on the cold water valve inside the wall.  
It was unthinkable to me.  I was so tired.  I didn’t want to add on another 3 or 4 days of work.  I asked for time to think.  Finally about an hour later I had the thought that it would be easier to get at the pluming from the living room wall and patch that wall than to have to retile.  So we measured the distance from the wall to the pluming and found this air conditioner vent.. 
which was really a disguise for an access to the tub plumbing.  Hurray!  I was so relieved.  Especially when we discovered it wasn’t the wall valve at all it was different part that needed loosened up.  I would have been so upset.  Thank You, Jesus for the inspired wall idea.  


  1. Camezi

    You’ll have to come teach me how to tile when I can afford to do my bathroom. 🙂

  2. Elayne


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