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I really want to blog

I really want to blog… I have Mo Ranch pictures and TN pictures.  I had a wonderful time in God’s beautiful world.  Yesterday we drove to Birmingham’s Art Museum and saw pages from Leonardo Da Vinic’s notebooks!  So cool.  They are moving to San Francisco next month.

Selling our house and moving last year forced us to cut back on the best school subjects like science, art and history.. so this year we are doubling up.  Figuring out how to squeeze more hours into my school day has been stressful and has left no time for blogging, but it had to be done and has already proven rewarding.
I think everyone is enjoying school.  The only complaint that I’ve heard is that they’re having a hard time getting all their papers written so I am praying that God will give me wisdom in how much is fair to expect and how to encourage them to persevere.
I am only good at focusing on one thing at a time so all that focus on school has left the house in shambles.   God spoke to me about being faithful in the small things the week we got back from TN.  I asked Him to be a little more specific.. but figured He was talking about the house so I’ve been slowly getting that back under control.
Time with God, resting on vacation, school, house work… then maybe I’ll really get to blog again.
Miss you all.


  1. Wendy

    Busy, busy, busy. I hear you, sister. That is a cool drawing

  2. Elayne

    Just keep those kids reading and writting!

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