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There are several things I miss about our church in Florida.  I miss the families and our small group get-togethers most of all.  I miss serving at the food bank.  I miss the two tables that they had set up front for individuals to come down front and take communion during  worship in their own time as they felt lead.  It was a very worshipful experience that you could participate in any service and afterwards kneel at the alter if you wished.  

The another thing I miss is the all the worship flags they had up front.  Sometimes all the kids would come down front and worship with them.. sometimes it looked a little like playing but it really helped them get into the worship.  I am sure it pleases the Lord to see little children dance and play in His presence… maybe even more than sitting very still and bored.  
Since moving here, I’ve had a little bit of a hard time getting into the worship here.  Many of the songs that they sing in my church aren’t to God but just about Him or the church.  I know there are different strokes for different folks and I don’t have a problem with different styles of music.. it’s just that it’s easier for me to worship when I am actually singing to God.  Lately at my church they’ve been singing a few songs that are to God and I’ve really enjoyed waving my hands, singing and dancing to God.  
I’ve noticed while waving my hands that it’s not the same as waving a flag.  Some how having a flag is so much more powerful.  I’d never experienced worshiping with a flag until our church in FL.  It’s awesome.  So I decided to do a little research and make some flags for myself.  
Most the sites I found for making your own flags suggested using a wooden dowel for your poll.  I wanted my flags to swing around my pole easily, but most of the actual flag poles that I found cost around $20 each.  I did find one for $15.  
One of princess J’s friends suggested that I use a baton as my flag pole.  I found some at a dollar store here… for around $4 each.   They work great and at 22″ are the perfect size to use in my house.. no worries about hitting my 8′ ceiling.  I had a hard time choosing a color from my stash of silk.  There were so many colors.  I may have to make several flags.  Here is my first set.
To me the colors stand for righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 
To determine the size I folded my fabric in half with the selvages together and cut 5″ strips (just over 1/8th of a yard).  Then I cut the strips along the fold in two for the two flags.  I used my surger to make a roll hem along three sides.  I purposely created a wave at the ends.  I cut a 2″x5″rectangle out of some interfacing and ironed it on to the selvaged end, then rapped the selvage end around the pole and sewed it on by hand.  
 The bag I made out of an old ripped pair of jeans.  I have a stash of those, too.  I had saved the strap off some thingy that broke.  I made it so that all you have to do is pull on the strap through the button hole to close the bag.    The prettiest bag I saw on line was made out of nylon and had a stripe of fabric to match the flag across it.  That would have been cool… but not free.  
I am having fun using them to worship at home.  I asked the pastor of our church if it’d be OK to bring them to church and he said, “Yes.”  So, Yeah!
Here are what I thought were the two best worship flag sites I found.
I thought these were the best deal:
These were beautiful:
I thought this YouTube video was great!  I’d love to have one of her light purple dove flags.
I am planning on making the kids at church some ribbon rings.  I’ve seen a couple of kids get hit on the head by a flag pole and thought they would be safer.  
Love to you all!

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