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Eye Glasses progress

I went to the eye doctor.  My eyes hadn’t changed that much, except the +1.00 
for reading.  Judi went with me and helped me find glasses to try on 
and see which looked best.  
I decided not to get progressives because I don’t need them to see the computer.  
I could get bifocals.. but I would have to get frames twice as big as I am used to.  
The doctor said that my eyes will continue to change every year or two 
for the next 10 years or so.. 
I can get two small, stylish pairs on line for about 1/3 the price of one 
extra large bifocal pair in Walmart, so that’s what I decided to do.  Maybe I can 
just up my reading glasses and keep my driving glasses next time
and save even more money.  I’ve known for a long time that those 
eyeglass makers were making a bundle off me.  Glad I finally discovered 
how to buy them online.
I am trying to decide between two pair now.
This pair comes in two colors.  Red/black and pink/gray.  I’d get one of each.  Anti scratch, anti glare, polycarbonate, photochromatic, a hard case, microfiber cloth and shipping for less than $85 for both pair.
I found two like this one that I could get for $12 more than the ones above.  They are all at Zenni Optical.  I bought James’ at Eyebuydirect.. I think these are even a better deal.    
We are taking George to get spayed today and I am hoping 
to find some frames like these to try on while we are out grocery shopping. 
I need to get them ordered because they will take a week or so to get in.
Which do you like?


  1. Elayne

    I like them both

  2. Jennifer Coleman

    I decided on the top ones. I got two pair for $67 with shipping. I decided not to get the photochromatic lenses – mostly because they take twice as long to ship.. and also because I learned that they won't turn very dark inside the car because my car windows are coated with UV protection and they only respond to the UV rays.

  3. Wendy

    I like them both, too. Take a pic with them on when you get them!

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