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Help! I can’t see!

Well, my glasses finally bit the dust.  They’ve been the best pair I’ve ever owned.
My glasses are normally all scratched up by the end of their first year.

This pair lasted so long that I was feeling guilty about needing bifocals when they
were in such good condition.  Wish I could remember what kind of coating
I had on them.. or where I got them.
I’ve had them three years and they don’t have a scratch on them.

I noticed last week that my glasses were getting week where the bridge 
meets the frame.  Today they snapped and I decided to try to superglue them.  
I opened a brand new bottle of Krazy glue.  I squeezed it carefully.  Nothing came out.  
I squeezed it a little harder and a big blob landed right on my lens.  
Judi wanted me to tape them like a nerd.  It’s too late now.

I need help choosing my next pair of glasses.  I can’t decide if I should get 
progressives or bifocals or two pair; one for reading and one for driving.  
Reading and driving is about all I’d use them for.  Most of the time I only 
do one at a time… but then when I think about going to church I think I might 
need the two in one.   I’ve been thinking kinder thoughts lately toward the 
older crowd that doesn’t bother to open their Bibles; 
the screen is so much easier to see. 
I’ve been looking around on line for advice.  It’s hard to find.  
Some people can’t adjust to progressives and prefer two pair.  
Please, comment. 😉

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  1. Elayne

    Bifocals are no big deal. I have had trifocals for several years. The middle part is for the computer. I like the ones like the ones you have now.

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