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Funny Thing About Blogging

A lot of the stuff I’ve been blogging about I would never take the time to bore Mike with (sorry).  He’s just not that interested in what crafts I am working on or how I organize the house.  Maybe you aren’t either, but I need to tell someone.  Thanks for “listening.”

James has always been the “go to guy” when you need to know where something is in the house, but the last couple of moves he’s started loosing his touch.  A few weeks ago, he asked me where I keep the plastic shopping bags and before I could answer MIKE told him.

I was stunned.  I literally sat there with my mouth gaping trying to figure out what happened, because Mike, even after years of living in the same house, never knows where anything is.  He said, “I read it on your blog.”  Ha.

This morning I saw Mike in my closet (kinda strange now that we have separate closets) so I asked, “What are you doing in there??”

He was putting away toiletries from his trip to Orlando last week.  He learned where they were from my blog.  I guess before whenever he went on a trip, and I wasn’t packing for him, he would just take his full sized shampoo bottle.. but now he knows where I keep the little travel sized bottles.  Funny, right?

I wonder what else I could blog about that he might find useful.

Our 24th anniversary is tomorrow.  He’s wonderful.  I am so blessed… beyond what I could ever have imagined.

My top marriage tips:

1 Stay committed.  God will bring you through.

2 Don’t try to change your man.. Pray.  God is the only one that can change anyone.  It’s easier for God to do His job when you aren’t in the way.

3 Think on good things… about your man, your kids, your house… whatever your circumstances.  If you are always focused on the negative, you’ll be miserable and you’ll make things worse.  If you focus on the positive and trust God for the rest, you’ll be happier and God will work wonders.

4 Take time out to have fun together.  Life is too short not to.



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  1. Elayne

    That is hilarious! Happy Anniversary!

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