Through Every Season

Even the Prickly Ones

One way I meditate on the Word is by illustrating verses with watercolor. I included succulents with this verse because it feels prickly to me. The idea that God is sovereign and had my life planned out before I existed both comforts and frustrates me. I don’t always like His plans, but if I could control everything, what would the repercussions be? How many things would I mess up?

I am comforted when I remember that God is good and loves me so much that He gave His own Son for me. He has all my moments planned out, even the prickliest ones. He will walk me through them step by step. I can rest in His competence, trust and obey.

My vision is poor. His is perfect. I can’t understand all He does or allows, but I can trust that He is a Master Redeemer. He does all things well. In Heaven, my faith will become sight and I will be awed by His glory.

Much love,



  1. Karen


    • Jennifer Coleman

      Thank you.

  2. Nathan & Cherie Sivils

    It was wonderful meeting you and the all of the other folks at the While Were Waiting retreat. I wanted to say that your testimony is powerful and your insights on forgiving are a blessing to me. The way you are dealing with your microwave has also blessed me.

    • Jennifer Coleman

      I am so glad! God bless you!

    • Debbie Greer

      Thank you for sharing

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