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Relaxing with Friends

We had such a great time hanging out with the Chagoyas.  I miss my TX friends.

They tell us that their two youngest only pretend to be 
shy and well mannered at church and around strangers. 

We thought they were great and they loved Princess J.

They sure keep busy.

And can’t wait to start school in their new school room.

The jamin’ J’s.

And their buddy C.

Youth Band Practice

On a typical Thursday night.

My mathematician is practicing to become my guitarist.

Princess J has to be strong to keep up with the boys.

Who else is going to load all that equipment for them?

I am driving tonight because our Pizza Maker is busy making pizzas.

 How are we going to raise that cash for our next youth trip?

Our faithful drummer.
Princess J plays bass and sings when our Pizza Maker can’t make it.
Our Sound Tech.

McWane Science Center

Terri’s daughter got to be on the Channel 6 weather live.

Princess J plays a tune.

They had three shadow puppet screens.  The butterflies will land on your shadow.  

Terri’s son and my programer came, too but I didn’t find any good pictures of them.

Youth Small Group

 We decided to start light and do a Super Man Bible study.

Mike and our youth pastor, Jon.  I forgot to get a picture of his lovely wife, Jennifer.

Two of their three kids.

Fun in the pool.

Safety in a floaty.

Or maybe not so safe.

Making waves.

Watch out!

Got ya.

A Week in Huntsville

Mike had a class in Huntsville the last week of June.  Our Pizza Maker stayed home alone to make pizzas and to register for college but the rest of us got to go with him for a week’s vacation.  I have two friends from my Charlotte Mason group in FL that moved to AL before me.  LeeAnn and her family who live right outside of Huntsville and Terri and her family who live in Birmingham.

Terri’s the one with the camera and LeeAnn is in green.  
I emailed my friends a couple of weeks before our trip to see if I could see them there.  They more than obliged.  Terri’s sweet husband, Kent, worked it out so that he was able to work in Huntsville the same week that we were there and stayed at the same hotel as us.  Then LeeAnn and her husband had us over for a cook out and swimming and told us all the best places to visit and went to some of them with us.  We all had a blast.
LeeAnn has a beautiful home with extra rooms she hopes to fill with children from China.  
Here are three of our boys.. the one on the left belongs to LeeAnn and Chuck, my Computer Programer, and Terri and Kent’s son, who is shooting up like a weed.

This is Terri’s little girl.  She and our Programmer are great friends.

Can’t go to Huntsville and not visit the Space and Rocket Center.
We got an extra special treat and saw some Army guys sing and dance in the opening ceremonies of a covenate signing.  I left my camera at LeeAnn’s and didn’t get a picture.  🙁  Chuck brought it up to me later that morning.  🙂

The Space and Rocket Center was OK.  We went on a good day.  It wasn’t too crowed.  
The kids zoomed by most of the displays and went straight for the rides and rock climbing wall.  
Needless to say, I don’t think we have any future Astronauts in the bunch.  
It was Terri’s little girl’s first try at rock climbing.  
She was very persistent and conquered the wall after several very good tries.  
I think the highlight of the Space and Rocket Center was the hats we found in the gift shop.
So many hats and so little time.
Are our hats making you hungry as an alligator?  We were.
We had to get one classic picture in before lunch.
And one of the mommies.
That night after the husbands got off work we all went to our favorite restaurant, Red Robin.  
They have the best burgers and shakes ever.  We had the greatest time talking about things 
we could do and see together in the future;  rent a house boat, go camping… 
It was located in one of the coolest shopping centers I’ve ever been to.  
It’s like Down Town Disney.  They even had a Apple Store.
The next morning we had some Mommie time and coffee at a huge sale at B&N. 
Then took the kids up to a living history museum on top of a mountain called Burritt on the Mount.  
We met some really cool docents.  One thing that we learned was that the girls bedroom was always up stairs in the loft.  You had to walk through the parents bed room to get to loft.  Nifty.  Right?
If you’ve noticed that these aren’t my pictures, it’s because I dropped and broke my camera the night before.  🙁  I am still recovering from the devastation.  I did learn a secret way to get it to turn on.  More details later.  From what I learned on line it will cost almost as much to repair it as it will to buy a new one.  🙁
I am leaving out so many details from our trip.. the first good Mexican food we’ve had since moving to AL at Rosie’s Mexican Cantina, hanging out at the pool, shopping for shoes, the Harrison Brothers’ Hardware store, accidentally finding the corn fields (streets should have only one name) then having my Mathematician pipe up from the back “Our hotel is just a little ways down that away.”, free breakfast and snack time at the hotel… it was a great adventure and we had a great time.
Love you all,

GA Six Flags with FL Friends

The Hendleys met us at our favorite hotel in Atlanta Friday night.

We were all thrilled to see each other.  
Princess P is starting high school next year.

Little P is eating like there is no tomorrow and growing like a weed.  

J is officially a teenager now and sounds like one, too.

First order of business at Six Flags was to ride Goliath.  

We got there early while the lines were still short.
I discovered that first thing in the morning it’s 
more thrilling that I’d remembered.
On to Gotham and the Bat mobile.
P got to visit his super hero friends.
My sweetie.
J giving J a stern warning before the ride. 
Surprise!  I have a flash!
Mike and I, the old fogies, sat out a bunch of rides.  I am glad we are growing old together and that I have someone to sit with me while the kiddies ride.  
Wooden rides, bumpy or jerky rides, and rides that make you dizzy 
are all on our list to avoid. 
 I think we like more rides in SA than in GA.  
It may be that we’re 5 years older now and like fewer than we remember. 
After that last photo, we ate lunch and it warmed up quite a bit.  
We didn’t last much longer.  Tammy got over heated and there 
weren’t enough air conditioned shows or shops there to keep us cool, 
so we headed for the mall to find dinner.  
We had a nice time talking and eating at the food court.  
We sure miss our old buddies.  
They left from there to East GA where Darrel’s brother lives and 
where they recently bought some property and an 100 year old house 
that they are completely redoing.  They are spending this week 
getting started on their big family project.  
We can’t wait till their done and get ready to move several hours closer.  
We’ll have to find more things to do together in Alanta.  
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