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D.C. Birthday Trip: Cherry Trees

 After walking through the mall, we walked by the Washington Monument.
Joel asked if we saw the crack in it from the earth quake.
We forgot to look. :-/
 We tried this shot several times.. ha. 
Its fun taking “We were here.” photos even when you blink.
We were just a couple of days late for the height of the cherry blossoms.  

The rain and the cool breeze made it snow blossoms down on us.  

 It felt surreal to walk through so many pink blossoms; and baffled me how 
the atheists could have their rally at a time when God was so showing off. 
I got a new pin for my favorite Mickey Mouse back pack.
 I am not sure why they chose a beaver to hold the 
“Please, don’t pick the blossoms” sign.
 A nice guy offered to take our picture.
I think he was there just hanging out offering to take anyone’s picture.
Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to spend an afternoon?
At the end of our cherry tree walk we stumbled across the.. 
They had numbered signs for each tulip patch that matched up with a guide. 
We didn’t find where they kept the guides.
I think it would be easier and save trees if they just 
put the names on the signs instead of numbers. 
The tulips were beautiful even without their names.

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  1. Elayne

    Tulip Library. Gotta go see that!

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